Safeguard your investment

Protect your property against losses and damage by screening-out residents who have a history of non-payment, destruction, or violence.

We know you face enormous challenges these days: credit risks, felons, sexual offenders, and other high risk residents. They can endanger your assets, your reputation, and your income.

RPS offers products that have been tested and proven to combat the very rapidly increasing rate of financial losses due to high-risk tenants.

We offer several valuable tools to ensure that an organization will not continue taking the risk of unknowingly renting to previously non-paying, destructive, or dangerous residents. With the escalating number of non-paying residents and the increasing cost of trying to collect these debts it is certainly more economical to not rent to these residents in the first place.

RPS has just the tools you need to make your resident screening effective, efficient, and easy. RPS provides a consistent pre-resident screening program. Such a screening policy promotes confidence and respect for a company's resident standards. By reducing your resident mistakes you may reduce your expenses through decreased evictions, decreased resident turnover, and decreases in losses from property damage and destruction.

Service is a hallmark of RPS. With a locally owned and operated office out of Auburn-Opelika, Alabama, our courteous and well-trained professionals are always available to you.

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Our Online Tenant Screening System

  • RPS Applicant

    Applicant Information

    Our online screening system allows you to verify your tenant's information and then enter that information into a convenient, online web form to submit to RPS. The form even allows you to enter information about their spouse and history, anything to help us locate the records.

  • RPS Services

    Select Services

    All of our services are listed and you can select the ones you want for each client you screen. At the end, we bill you only for the services you requested. Why pay for them all if you don't use them!

  • RPS Status

    Track Our Progress

    You are always aware of the progress we are making and can watch the completion percentage grow as we work on your screening request.

  • RPS Report

    Always available, Online reporting

    When it's complete, you recieve an email notice and can log back in to check the results. You can view it all online -- no paper to file... it's always there! Of course, if you'd like to print it, we've got a printer-friendly format ready for you.