The RPS Method - how it works

  1. All property managers or owners inform RPS of the name and identification of anyone who has committed a verifiable act that resulted in monetary loss. Each report remains on file at RPS. Download the Incident Report
  2. Each property manager or owner then submits the names and identifications of every prospective resident to RPS for screening. The property manager or owner chooses which Tools he/she wants to review before making the lease decision. Download the Tenant Inquiry Form
  3. Potential tenants are also screened for credit history and criminal backgrounds upon request.
  4. All requested reports are returned to the property manager or owner with 24 hours.

We have screened thousands across the United States and have records of each of these individuals. Do you really want to trust your valuable property to chance?

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Consider the alternative to RPS. As more and more property managers are able to screen out residents who have a history of non-payment, destruction, or violence, those residents will be applying in greater numbers at properties that do not have screening programs.

Preview Our Online Screening System

Opening a New Screen Request

RPS Online Screening System

In addition to our paper and Fax-based methods, we are now able to screen your tenants completely online. You get their authorization and use our secure and protected system to submit your request to us through a web browser. The system will automatically email you when we've completed our review so you can securely login and view the results.

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